Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 25, 2008

Could this be the ‘killer’ phone that I’ve been waiting all this while?

Recently, there was some kind of big interest on smart phones/PDAs among my colleagues and friends. Some bought Sony Ericsson P1i, one guy bought HTC cruise while the rest of the people mostly bought iPhone. It is amazing how phone technology has developed over the years. 6yrs ago, me and my friends were talking about Nokia 8310 and Nokia 6510. Those phones were small and kinda cool in some ways but all you get were only text and pixel images in black and white. Back then, color screen was about to take off only and it was kinda expensive and not cheaply available to the masses. But now? Camera is practically a basic feature for a phone. You can simply walk to any phone shop and grab any phones and chances are, your phone will be equipped with a camera, at least 1.3MP. Polyphonic ringtones, mp3 ringtones, music player, all these functions are probably available in most of the phones being sold right now. Amazing huh! But wait a while more and there will be A LOT more amazing stuff coming… (hint: Intel Atom processor technology)

So anyway, back to the original topic of this post. Looking at current phones available at the market, none of them actually entice me enough so much that I will not have any second thoughts of buying them. Lots of buzz was going around on iPhone. True enough, it is a cool device. Very cool indeed. But if you do take notice of the features offered, it is actually lacking compare to other phones available such as N95 or HTC Cruise. The camera offered was only 2MP, no GPS, no 3G and it’s very hard to type text msg using the touchscreen. Typing txt msg is important 4 me cuz de two main important things that we do on a phone are making calls and typing txt msgs. I have tried typing text msgs on iphone and it’s pretty easy to make typo errors. Nokia N95 was another phone which I think is power packed with lots of features. Basically almost all of the features that I look in a phone are available in N95 BUT of all things, this phone does not have a touchscreen! Although I did say that typing text msg via touchscreen was hard, but it’s a nice feature to have if you use it for websurfing or browsing mp3s etc. As for HTC Cruise, it’s one heck of a nice PDA. Lots of nice features which includes 3MP camera, touchscreen, Wi-fi, audio and video playback capability (i saw a video demo playing one of LOST episode, very nice, the video shown was very clear and the viewing angle rocks!). This HTC Cruise has almost everything except… a 3.5mm audio jack! Gosh, when I thought this IS THE KILLER phone i’ve been looking for but kinda ‘potong stim’ after i found out at the very last minute that it doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio output jack!

So actually, in summary, what I look for in a phone are as follow:
– At least 3MP camera (for a decent pic quality, 2MP’s quality not that good)
– Wifi capability (Web surfing anywhere with Wifi hotspots)
– 3G (Video calls, cool eh?)
– GPS (Cuti Cuti Malaysia?)
– Video files playback capability (watch downloaded series)
– 3.5mm audio output jack (listening to my mp3 collection + connecting to my HU aux to listen inside car)
– Touchscreen (Once you experience iPhone’s touchscreen, you will definitely want one!)

So that brings me to one phone that caught my attention recently. Due to be released soon, I think this phone might be the ONE! Very nice design and based on early information available, this phone seems to have all the functions that I need. S-W-E-E-T !!! So what’s the name of this phone? It’s Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1! Check out the cool pics below.



Also lets not forget about the gen2 iPhone, although very little information is revealed by Apple till now. So i’m keeping my fingers crossed and I hope by end of this year, I’ll finally get to buy my so called ‘Killer’ Phone!


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