Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 15, 2008

Twang… there goes my Cab 9… sayonara…

Recently not too long ago, I broke my good ‘ol Yonex Carbonex 9 racket. This racket of mine is definitely the longest serving racket, and as far as I can remember, I have never used any racket this long! Let me see, on a rough estimate, i could have probably use this racket for at least 12 years! I could not really remember what led me to choose this racket but i still remember vividly the day i saw Cheah Soon Kit using this racket during a live telecast on TV. So having use this racket for such a long time, with the racket going through thousands of hard battering smashes and hundreds of knocks, the metal frame finally gave way and cracked! But seriously, i suspect that it cracked because the string tension applied was too high and the frame built on old technology simply could not withstand such high tension. Well, nothing much can be done but i’ll definitely remember this as one of the best racket i have ever used. It is quite a head heavy racket so that’s probably why it suits me. I’ve tried for the past few years to find an able replacement for this racket but i simply couldn’t find one. This racket gives me power needed for smashes as well as good control on the net. Executing a crosscourt net play has never been easier! Probably it’s a combination of the right tension strung used together with the racket but all in all, it was that damn good! Posting two pics below on my Cab9 racket.



So right now, i am trying to find a good replacement for this Yonex Cab 9 racket. The technology has certainly evolved so much and i’m having trouble trying to find the best racket for me. But based on some research from BadmintonCentral forum as well as friend’s recommendation, i’m narrowing down my choices to Yonex’s current Armortec series. AT250 or AT700. One is a low end series while another is a medium-high end series racket. Is it worth paying double the price for AT700 or should I just stick to AT250? But the most important question is, will any of the two rackets suits my playing style?


As i currently have only one racket left, which is my Pro Ace NS70, i’ll definitely need to buy another one. But on which model, i have yet decide on that…


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