Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 13, 2008

Win XP crashed…

I was watching a movie in the cinema halfway when my sis called me and say, ‘hey, ur PC hang and when i rebooted, it sayz disk boot failure’.

When i got back home, i tried restarting the PC and it won’t detect my first and second harddisk which is connected to SATA0 and SATA1 respectively. Sometimes, it will detect my second harddisk.

Anyway, i recalled having another extra HDD with Vista installed and i took all the HDDs out and plug in the Vista HDD. And viola! it worked! hmm…time to get back to troubleshooting and check out what’s the actual problem…

Anyone can help me out? I’m using a Gigabyte DS3 motherboard, F10 bios. Are Gigabyte’s mobo relatively weak in terms of reliability?


Looks like my Windows XP C: crashed !!! I took the original XP C: HDD and connect it to my portable drive. My new Vista OS did detect the drive but then prompt me to reformat the drive. Oh hell no, there goes all my data inside the drive, how i wish this is some kind of April fools’ joke…

XP HDD crashed!



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