Posted by: mylittlesnow | April 13, 2008

City ICE: Part 1 – Day 1

I have been waiting for a long time to set up my dream ICE and the wait is finally over. Last Thursday, I sent my car to Golden for uncle David to hook up my ice equipments. I was praying hard that everything will be in working condition as I have practially left them collecting dust inside my room for almost half a year. The very first thing installed was the HU.

I had to make sure first that the HU dash panel bought from Honda can be fitted in to my current City dashboard. The original City Vtec comes with a built-in HU so practically you have to take everything out and replace the whole thing. After spending about 1 1/2 hrs dismantling the panel, I was quite relieved to find out that the replacement panel fitted in without any problems. Mind you, it takes a lot of effort in doing this and I definitely wouldn’t want to go through again the pain seeing the dashboard panel being dismantled. In order to remove the HU panel, you have to start removing the plastic panel from the gear knob and work your way up to the HU panel. After installing the HU, there’s still an empty slot on top of it and I just ask uncle to fabricate a small piece of board for me to install my Brax voltmeter (actually, this was partly inspired by one of my friend’s setup, Gocitygo). The cloth wrap you see here, i actually got it from KF Audio for free, thanks to Siemen Liew for this. Pic on post installation below.

Nakamichi CD400 + Brax voltmeter

Another pic showing the built-in HU from City, I was not surprise to see that they are actually using Alpine HU because the sound quality of the stock system was pretty decent in my opinion.

City Stock Built in HU

Besides installing the HU, the two front doors were also installed with Raamat, a sound dampening material which i believe is cheap and good or in other words, bang for buck! 🙂  More details available at Sound Deadener showdown website. All in all, each door was applied with 3 layers (2 layers on the outside metal and 1 layer on the inside metal of the door) of Raamat and another layer of cloth dampening material on the plastic panel side. There’s still a lot of Raamat left and probably i will be using the leftovers on the inside of the boot as well as the two front wheel arcs. Nothing much was done after that as it was pretty late already.

And on the way back home, i found out that there was some rattling sound around the HU area. It was some sort of metal rattling sound and immediately i drove back to Golden for uncle to check it out. The HU was taken out and we tried to locate the source of rattling. Uncle suspected that it comes from the RCA connector head hitting the HU so he wrapped them up with sponge. But the same rattling sound happen again when i drove back home. So i decided to do some DIY HU dampening myself, hehe…something never done before by anyone i guess. I suspect that the sound could be from the HU body hitting the metal bracket. All it takes is a small roll of foam double sided tape which you can easily buy from any supermarkets or stationary shops.

HU Rat-ta-tling...

Will this solve my HU rattling problem? I hope so……


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